Thursday, January 21, 2010


italian phrase for the day: ho fame - im hungry.

this place is fanFUCKINGtastic. the villa's on top of this hill that has a view of arezzo, the little medieval city we live near. everything outside looks like it's straight form a postcard. pictures are on their way. there's a courtyard we can play in and an olive garden where we can't- it's our neighbors and their guard dog will attack us if we try (apparently everyone around here has one of those).

the people are awesome, 9 dancers, 9 actors (1 guy out of all of us), 13 grad students. we're having a wine and cheese/dance party soon. until then, we're just trying to learn each others names. the directors are super nice. today we had orientation. ill be studying commedia, a very old and now quite rare style of acting that has stock characters that, in some form, appear in all comedy (kind of like that theory that any story goes back to one of seven plots).

ive got a handicapped bathroom (cuz im special). the shower's just in a particular section of the floor (nothing to step into) and the potty's about a foot higher than most so my feet swing whilst on it. in place of a bidet (which every bathroom has, they're big in europe) we have a detachable mini-shower head behind the toilet. my room's a double but it's sectioned off so me and my roomie have out own space. the angry guard dog (that looks like the westen pup) came in earlier. he kept coming close to my feet and almost sniffing my hand -he wants to love me, but he just doesn't know how to love yet. ill teach him. by the end of the semester the growling pooch and i will be best friends.

there are some things i miss about boston, obviously the loves i left behind. i find myself constantly being reminded of BU kids. i try not bring them up ALL the time, but it's hard. it's weird not being carrying around my cell and call or text whenever but ill get used to it in a getting an international phone later but ill skype people in ths u.s.

im anxious to do stand up. we have cabarets where we perform whatever we want for each other, but i dont think a set would be appropriate... we might have some open mics.

i dont miss the wind or limited sunlight.